About Arya Boy



Arya Boy is a brand of the international fashion retailer Wam DenimAs major fashion company, Wam Denim offers its products through its online platform and over 40 stores across Europe. It has been an adventurous journey since the foundation of the company in 2001 when we started as a small family business. From the start, it is our unwavering aim to create high-quality products with distinctive designs and handcrafted workmanship at affordable prices.  


Though we started out with humble beginnings Wam Denim has been growing steadily over two decades. Wam Denim now employees more than 350 people and covers a comprehensive part of the men’s apparel market in the Netherlands. The next chapter in the story of Wam Denim is to expand substantially overseas as well. We have already embarked on our internationalization efforts by expanding to Germany and Belgium. 


We own a distinctive approach towards fashion by owning and controlling our company's entire value chain. From sourcing the right materials, design, through sales in our brand stores and eCommerce platforms. By doing so, we are able to offer the best quality products and exceptional serviceCustomer satisfaction is central to our strategies. The cultural engine that drives our relentless focus on providing exceptional service and great customer satisfaction is our motto: Excellent People, Excellent Teams, Excellent Results.    


As the saying goes clothes make the man. Our mission is to give our customers, through our products, the look, feel, energy, authority, and zeal to reach their full potential in life.